In-Home Services

Our program provides individualized, goal-based services and supports to children and adults of all ages in their community.  Our services maximize potential and shape success for individuals and families in the areas of communication, socialization, community integration, recreation, appropriate behavior, protective oversight, daily living, self-care, and self-determination.  Our staff assists individuals in developing skills that increase independence, support community life engagement and inclusion according to individual preferences and abilities.

Positive Behavior Support

  • Consultation to Support Team
  • Provides consultation for strategies to and for individuals whose undesirable behaviors are disrupting their progress in habilitation, self-direction or community integration
  • Evaluation of Individual’s setting, schedule, typical daily activities, relationships with others and skills that assist the individual to have a better quality of life while decreasing identified problem behaviors
  • Development of positive, proactive and preventative strategies
  • Training/Teaching/Modeling for family and/or support staff
  • Short-term services, typical duration is twelve months or less


In-Home Respite

  • Provides protective oversight and supervision to individuals unable to care for themselves, on a short-term basis, because of the absence or need for relief of parents and/or guardians
  • To be eligible, the individual who normally provides care to the individual must be other than formal, paid caregivers
  • This service is not delivered in lieu of day care for children or day services programming for adults


Community Integration

  • Provides individuals access, teaching opportunities, and support in the community while participating in recreational activities, social events/clubs, volunteering
  • Provides individuals opportunities to engage directly with peers and receive support in developing meaningful relationships with other community members
  • This is a goal-based service that is limited to 25 hours a week


Individualized Skill Development (Formally Home Skills Development)

  • Provides assistance to individuals in acquiring life skills necessary for independent living and achieving maximum independence in their home and community
  • Goals are developed based on what the individual wishes to accomplish, learn and/or change (cooking, laundry, shopping, budgeting, paying bills, accessing public transportation, etc.)
  • Service is limited to 20 hours a week


Personal Assistance (groups of 3)

  • Personal Assistant Services (PA) include assistance with any activity of daily living (ADL) such as, bathing, toileting, transfer and ambulation, skin care, grooming, dressing, extension of therapies and exercise, care of adaptive equipment, meal preparation, feeding, and incidental household cleaning and laundry
  • PA can also include instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) that include IADLs include shopping, banking, budgeting, using public transportation, social interaction, recreation, and leisure activities
  • Assistance with IADLs includes accompaniment, cueing and minor problem-solving necessary to achieve increased independence, productivity and inclusion in the community


Individualized Skill Development (ISD) differs from Personal Assistant (PA) in that ISD is a skill development service that is focused on improving someone’s ability to perform a skill. 

PA is a direct support service that is focused on ensuring that the ADLS and IADLS needs are met during the time the service is provided.