ACT’s Day Program provides daily activities to address individual goals in areas such as socialization, safety, communication, recreation and leisure skills, self-help, personal hygiene and fitness. An overall goal of the program is to provide increased community A happy group posing for pictures in the newsroom of local ABC affiliate KMIZaccess through opportunities to participate in local events and visit sites in the mid-Missouri area. As part of the Day Program, ACT offers both on-site, facility-based activities and off-site community outings every day. Some examples of community outings include: swimming, library, scavenger hunts, area exhibits and museums, YMCA, shopping, parks and trails, out for coffee, mall walking, Senior Center, and several volunteer sites. Individuals participating in the Day Program regularly give back to the community as volunteers for Meals on Wheels, Second Chance, Central Food Pantry, VA Hospital, Adopt-A-Spot, and Puppies with Purpose. Periodic all-day trips range farther than mid-Missouri, visiting many interesting sites and events such as the State Fair, Lake of the Ozarks, and professional sporting events. The amount of time spent in the community is tracked and reported, along with progress on goals, for each individual. When groups are at the main facility, there are various engaging activities planned, including arts and crafts, board games, music, movies, use of the computer lab, and much more!

There are currently more than 100 individuals supported in the Day Program. The program offers a flexible schedule to each participant, depending on other vocational and residential commitments in that person’s life. Staff are called Direct Support Professionals, or DSPs. (Click here to view the job description). DSPs are full-time employees who work 30 to 40 hours per week during traditional daytime hours, Monday through Friday. DSPs also provide personal supports for those individuals needing assistance with lifting/transferring, proper use of adaptive equipment, feeding, toileting, hygiene, grooming, and proper use of medications.

Two Day Program participants preparing planting beds for vegetables for the Gardening Club.Activities within the Day Program typically occur within small groups. While some activities are primarily leisure in nature, others are planned to provide opportunities for individuals to work on specific goals that have been established for them. Each person supported in ACT’s Day Program has individualized goals, established by the person’s support team in accordance with interests and needs, to focus on while participating. Goals might include communication skills, practicing social skills, personal fitness, self care, volunteering, leisure skill development, etc. Progress on goals is tracked by staff and reported on a monthly basis. The team meets at least annually to discuss service needs and review the Individual Service Plan (ISP) which defines the goals to be worked on during Day Program service hours.

The Day Program leadership team regularly reviews methods and schedules in an effort to reflect personal preferences and needs of the individuals supported and to ensure as many community integration activities as possible are offered. In partnership with their Program Supervisor and ACT’s full-time Activities Coordinator, each person has the opportunity to choose activities from a menu of choices that are planned in advance. Please click here to see a sample week of activities offered. The Day Program is dedicated to promoting acceptance and respect through community involvement. ACT will continue to facilitate community participation through positive interactions, encouraging self-advocacy, enhancing communication, and a diverse offering of scheduled activities. ACT services are always person centered, delivered with respect for all individuals, and planned with health and safety as priorities.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a tour, please call ACT at (573) 474-9446.