Additional Information about Community Living

Population Served: Individuals with a developmental disability who desire to live in the community.

Settings: Any community home or apartment that the person can afford to lease, or own. ACT does not own nor lease any residences in which adults with disabilities are provided residential services.

Hours of Service: 24 hours per day, the amount of services are based on the needs of the individuals. Additionally, ACT provides staff support when an individual is unable to follow his or her established weekly schedule (i.e. sickness, inclement weather, etc.)

Days of Service: 365 days per year.

Payer Sources: Missouri Home and Community Based Waiver or Private Pay

Fees: ACT does not charge fees.

Referral Sources: Department of Mental Health, Division of Family Services, Family/Guardians/Friends, Self

Specific Services: Community Access Opportunities, Transportation, Family and/or Friend Support, Physical Development, Social/Behavior Development, Personal Care Skills, Domestic Skills, Responsibility Level, Dietary Needs, Medical/Health, Advocacy Skills, Life Goals, Communication, and Personal Finance are just a handful of services and supports that are provided. The philosophy of Individualized Supported Living allows for all different types of services to be provided to an individual with a disability.

Admission Criteria: Evidence of disability, Funding, Completed referral packet

Transfer Criteria: Individuals can choose to live in a new/different home with current or new roommates at the end of his or her lease. In the event the lease is a prolonged period of time, ACT will work with DMH and other individuals to facilitate a move or roommate change.

Exit Criteria: Natural Supports, Personal Choice, Inadequate resources for identified supports, Roommate compatibility