Individualized Supported Living (ISL)


Community Living focuses on individuals and their quality of life. Serving adults with developmental disabilities who have made the choice to live in the community- options include living in a home with one to two roommates of their choice with similar interests and goals, living in a semi-supported apartment with staff available on site, or independent living in an apartment with staff on an as needed basis. All living options are nestled in surrounding Columbia neighborhoods. (see the characteristics of Community Living here)

Individuals with developmental disabilities can live successfully in the community with the necessary supports. The level of support provided is determined by the individuals’ needs and abilities. Each home has qualified, well-trained staff providing oversight twenty four hours a day.

The goal of the Community Living Program is to assist each individual to reach their highest level of independence by providing assistance and guidance in activities that we encounter on daily basis. Our dedicated staff provide focus on areas of daily living such as: housekeeping and home maintenance skills, personal care, financial planning and budgeting, healthy meal preparation, transportation, interpersonal relationships, medication administration, maintaining health and helping individuals access their community. All areas of assistance are identified through person centered planning and incorporated into an individual plan to help the individual reach their goals.

Life is a learning adventure, and we strive to provide opportunities and experiences in the community that lead towards growth and overall happiness. Click here to learn more about Community Living.