Community Integration

The Community Integration Program is a program that emphasizes activities in areas such as communication, recreation, self-help, personal hygiene and community participation. Also known as the “Day Program,” it provides opportunities for the participants to volunteer in other community programs, including, but not limited to, Meals on Wheels, Ronald McDonald House, the American Red Cross, Adopt-A-Spot, and Boone County Council on Aging. The Program provides opportunities for people to enjoy trips across the State of Missouri, visiting many interesting sites. The employees who provide direct care services to the consumers of the Community Integration Program hold the title of, “Training Specialist.” (Click here to view the Training Specialist Job Description.) Training specialists are full time employees who work 30 to 40 hours per week supporting consumers from 7:30AM-4:00PM Monday though Friday. There are currently over 100 consumers supported in the Community Integration Program. The program offers a flexible schedule to each participant, depending on other vocational/residential commitments in that person’s life.

Each Training specialist works with a group of four consumers, providing one on one time with each consumer, expanding knowledge, providing meaningful opportunities, etc. Training Specialists assist with the following things: lifting/transferring of consumers, feeding consumers, assistance with toileting, hygiene, and grooming and Community Integration activities. The Training Specialists are trained by ACT’s Mentor to ensure quality trained employees. Each person supported in the Community Integration program has goals to work on while at program. These goals can range from appropriate behavior to making purchases in the community. All goals and progress are tracked by the training specialist and reviewed on a monthly basis. ACT stresses getting consumers out into the community to complete meaningful, life enhancing activities. The agency tracks the amount of time spent in the community. The goal is to have consumers spending time in the community 45%-60% of the time. The program has funds available for community outings and facility based activities. When groups are at the main facility, there are themed areas to enjoy, including a computer lab, an arts and crafts area, a sensory room and much more! Some examples of community activities include: employment group, Consumer Advisory Board, swimming, movies, library, current events, out for coffee and mall walking.

The Community Integration Day Program continues to evolve its service delivery system to reflect more consumer choice and more community integration activities to be offered. Participants choose the activity they want to do from a menu of choices that are planned in advance and in partnership with ACT’s Activities Coordinator. Please click here to see a sample week of activities offered. The Community Integration program is dedicated to promoting acceptance and respect through community involvement.

ACT will assist in facilitating community involvement through positive interaction and assist in enhancing communication. ACT promotes choice making and person centered planning and assures dignity and respect to all consumers. ACT assures safety and security of all participants.

If you have questions or would like to set up a tour, please call ACT at (573) 474-9446.