Behavior Development Services

The Behavior Development program is a program that emphasizes the use of Positive Behavior Support to assist individuals and families throughout Boone County. Families and individuals struggling with challenging behaviors are provided therapy services that work to identify behaviors, what is possibly causing those behaviors, and working with individuals, staff, and families to improve and alleviate those challenging behaviors. This is often done through the utilization of person-centered, individualized programs designed to work for the individual’s specific needs. Tools that are often created and used include social stories, visual tools, incentive programs and/or token economies.

ACT’s Behavioral Consultants work to assist in providing ways for individuals to increase positive interactions and relationships with others and decrease negative interactions. Behavior Development Services also work to assist individuals, those working with them, and families to learn proactive techniques that will aide in the de-escalation of challenging behaviors. Other services provided through the Behavior Development Services Program include one-on-one therapy sessions, support and guidance in dealing with undesirable interactions and behaviors, development of strategies targeted and tailored to suit specific and individual needs, access to a behavioral consultant who is available to answer your questions and assist you with your needs, and crisis services when needed.