ACT Works

Our goal is to assist individuals with disabilities to have the same kind of opportunities that everyone in our society should have a right to experience. That includes living and working in their community and having access to all of the social and recreational opportunities that we all enjoy. The recycling program at ACT is one way in which we give people with disabilities an opportunity to work.

ACT’s Recycling Services

The focus of ACT Works’ recycling program is to recycle obsolete electronic media materials, such as VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, and their cases. In the past, we would clean and resell video tapes and computer diskettes. Now, we recycle those materials and others by grinding them and selling the plastic for reuse by manufacturers.

The History of ACT Recycling

Everyone likes a great story. Ours is about used videotapes and how the problem of their disposal became a remarkable employment opportunity for people eager to work. Incorporated in 1975, Alternative Community Training (ACT) is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit agency providing support and assistance to adults with disabilities. In 1991, ACT workers began cleaning, degaussing, and packaging used videotapes for sale. This work provides a secure, environmentally safe method of tape disposal for participating companies. In addition, it furnishes gainful employment and a regular paycheck for many people—especially those with disabilities. As CDs and DVDs became more prevalent in the market-place, ACT began to also accept those materials.