Information for Job Seekers/Prospective Job Seekers

We are committed to supporting our job seekers with obtaining employment and with being successful employees. To help people reach their employment goals, we provide several important services which are explained below.

Job Preparation Services

This service is individualized and provided on a short-term basis, with the emphasis on skill development needed to succeed in today’s workforce. Skill training may focus on the following: volunteerism, attention to task, appropriate response to instruction and supervision, transportation instruction, attendance and punctuality, appropriate workplace interaction, work quality, production speed, problem solving, and many other areas needed to be successful in paid employment.

Job Discovery and Exploration Services

These services help an individual plan for his or her career. Potential job seekers are assisted with identifying their strengths, interests, and contributions, as well as the support they will need to be successful. Services may include:

  • Informational interviews with businesses
  • Job try-outs
  • Job shadowing

Job Development Services

These services assist a job seeker with obtaining employment. Services may include:

  • Job lead discovery
  • Assistance with resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters
  • Application assistance
  • Interview support
  • Job offer negotiation
  • Assistance with disability disclosure decisions

Job Supports

Once an individual is hired, job support is provided. This support may include:

  • One-on-one support with learning job tasks and expectations
  • Assistance with establishing relationships with co-workers and others at work
  • Problem solving assistance
  • Establishment of task schedules or other streamlining of duties

Follow-along services—Advocacy, Ongoing Consultation, and Career Progression

If needed, ACT may continue to provide support following the initial training period. This support may include:

  • Phone or in person consultation
  • Assistance with advocating for hours
  • Support with adapting to new managers
  • Teaching new skills and assistance with career advancement