Information for the Business Community/ Employers

What could your business gain from ACT Career Services?

ACT Career Services gives employers access to well-trained, productive job seekers who are motivated to work. In a job market characterized by high worker mobility, businesses are often faced with the high cost of advertising, recruiting, and training new employees. Utilizing ACT Career Services yields immediate benefits to a business by cutting down on recruitment costs. We refer qualified job candidates matched to the positions the business needs to fill.

Businesses benefit from:

  • A thorough evaluation of the vacant positions to ensure we supply the most qualified candidates
  • Reduced recruitment costs and decreased time to fill vacant positions
  • A larger, diverse labor pool of conscientious, dedicated workers
  • Typically, a reduction in absenteeism, tardiness, and high turnover prominent in entry level positions
  • Support for training the new employee, at no cost to the business
  • An enhanced company image through community involvement
  • Increased diversity within the workplace
  • The knowledge that the company has enabled persons with disabilities to become productive, tax paying members of their community
  • For qualified businesses, a federal tax credit of up to $4800 (*this varies depending upon the candidate hired)
  • Consultation on ADA questions and job accommodations


— Career Services is funded by the Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation,
the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and the Missouri
Department of Social Services, Rehabilitation
Services for the Blind —