Recycling Media with ACT

ACT recycles VHS tapes, CDs, DVDS, Blu-rays, and the majority of the plastic storage cases for these tapes and discs. ACT is unable to recycle the white vinyl (Disney-style) VHS cases. At the present time, ACT does not recycle any other items.

ACT charges a competitive fee for the recycling of the media materials.

Fees to recycle media are based on the weight of the products to be recycled. Up to 25 pounds of material costs $9.95. Additional weight over 25 pounds will cost $0.35 per pound.

How to Order

To place your order, in the box below enter the total weight of the media material to be recycled. Clicking the "Buy Now" button will take you to PayPal to complete your purchase. A PayPal account is not required to complete this step.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email receipt with instructions regarding where to mail your recyclables and how to properly address your package. The shipping method and associated shipping charges are the responsibility of the shipper.

Weight (lbs):

Cost: 9.95

You Must Insert a Weight.