How to Donate to ACT's Recycling Programs

ACT accepts donations of VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, and the plastic storage cases for tapes and discs. At the present time, ACT does not have a process for recycling any other media items, including (but not limited to) Beta tapes, audio tapes, film, slides, microfilm, x-rays, computer diskettes, or computer hard drives. ACT is unable to guarantee the destruction of intellectual property on any item other than VHS tapes, CDs, or DVDs.

If you would like to donate items to ACT, please complete the Donor Form, print it, and include a copy with your donation. If you donate more than one box of materials, please include the form in each box for better tracking. After the donation is received and inventoried, a receipt will be mailed or e-mailed to you.

If your donation will contain more than four pallets or Gaylords of materials, please contact us for delivery instructions prior to shipping.

The Internal Revenue Service Code provides a tax deduction for inventory donations to our organization. Inventory donations include the original total inventory cost, expenses incurred with inventory (such as incoming freight, warehousing, burden), and any additional costs associated with the donation (such as shipping or postage).

To place a donation, complete and print the form below. Please ensure that you include a copy of the form in your shipment if you want to receive an acknowledgment of your donation as ACT cannot access your donation information through our website.


SECTION I: Donor Information

First Name*: Last Name*: Title:
Company Name:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:

SECTION II: Information on Donated Property

VHS Tapes CDs DVDs Plastic Cases Cell Phones Pagers Toner Cartridges Computers and Peripherals
# of boxes: # of pallets: Estimated Ship Date:
Donation Value:
less than $500 $500 - $5,000 more than $5,000
There is a restriction on ACT's right to dispose of the property. Please explain:
You may publish my name in the ACT newsletter as a donor.


Ship donations prepaid by donor to:

Shipping Department
ACT Works
2200 Burlington
Columbia, MO 65202