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Job Preparation Services Unveiled

February 26, 2015

A year ago, ACT learned of a change in the waiver definition under which ACT Works provided services. After a little fussing, we welcomed the change because it caused us to go back and take a close look at our … Continue reading

Behavior Development Program Adds Jaclyn Neugebauer to the Team

February 25, 2015

Jaclyn Neugebauer loves what she does! “My favorite thing in this field is hands down positive behavior changes/outcomes.  Knowing that a strategy I have implemented helped to decrease a problematic behavior and increase a desirable one is invaluable.  I love … Continue reading

Light It Up Blue – In Columbia

To commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 and Autism Awareness Month (April), local agencies and MU are joining forces in a global movement to “Light It Up Blue.” Buildings around the world – landmarks, hotels, sports venues, concert halls, … Continue reading

Direct Your Attention to the Board: Spotlight on Darren Hellwege

Darren Hellwege is a local celebrity in Columbia.  If you can’t recall who he is, you will know within moments of hearing him speak. He is the man behind the famous voice on KBIA’s morning show. Hellwege was welcomed to … Continue reading

Mark’s Opening Remarks January 2015

Dear Friends of ACT: March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This observation is intended to bring awareness to the fact that people with developmental disabilities can be productive, fully engaged, contributing members of society. It began in 1987 with an … Continue reading

Community Living Program Welcomes Andrew Jones

February 23, 2015

Andrew Jones began working in ACT’s Community Living (CL) program last summer, after an internship in Behavior Development Services. Jones graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Missouri last May. This is the first step in his … Continue reading

Moser’s is a Great Community Partner

Community Employment Services (CES) strives to identify great companies in the community with whom we can partner to help people with disabilities find employment and establish careers. That is just what ACS has found in Moser’s Foods. Since 2009, Moser’s Foods … Continue reading

Who Needs Starbucks? Not us. We have Clarissa!

Like any workplace, ACT has many people who come through the doors each morning looking for a hot cup of coffee. One of Clarissa English’s work responsibilities is to greet those who are arriving to the Community Integration program and … Continue reading

Isn’t that Pinteresting…

February 10, 2015

ACT is on Pinterest! Pin exciting news and information from ACT: Tip from Tara, Mark’s Words of Wisdom,  History of Disability, and MORE! That’s Pinteresting  

Mark’s Opening Remarks February ’15

Dear Friends of ACT: Happy Birthday, ACT! I know I’m a bit premature. But when the calendar rolled around to 2015 I wasn’t the only one around here who noticed that on September 22, ACT will be 40 years old. … Continue reading

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