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Boone County National Bank’s Teri Cantwell, an Outstanding Liaison for ACT’s Career Services

April 24, 2014

ACT’s Career Services (ACS) program has a rewarding relationship with Boone County National Bank (BCNB). And it happened by chance. Teri Cantwell, BNCB Human Resources Officer, describes a meeting with ACT about banking needs. “I was listening to a representative … Continue reading

Puppies with Purpose

April 21, 2014

Everyone loves a cuddly, playful puppy.  Individuals who participate at ACT are no exception. For the last several months, Puppies with Purpose (PwP) has been visiting ACT’s Community Integration (CI) program twice each month. And that’s not enough! “Most people … Continue reading

Tip from Tara: Advocacy, Awareness and Acceptance

March 28, 2014

Developmental Disabilities Awareness month is wrapping up and Autism Awareness month in April is upon us.   Individuals, parents, guardians and staff frequently want to know how they can be better advocates. I believe the first step to becoming a good … Continue reading

David Continues to Succeed Working at Gerbes

March 21, 2014

Seven months ago David took a big step in his life. He left his job at ACT Works (AW) to begin work at Gerbes as a part-time grocery clerk. It didn’t take long before David’s hard work, personable demeanor, and … Continue reading

Photo Album Drives Demand For More Quality Life Experiences

March 18, 2014

Carrie Griffith’s phone is constantly getting texts. All the time. “I’ve gotten pictures of people trimming hedges, exercising at the park, jet skiing at the Lake, having fun at festivals, going to music concerts, carving pumpkins, going on vacations, volunteering … Continue reading

ACS Career Specialists Need Detailed Knowledge of Employer and Job Seeker

One of ACT Career Services’ (ACS) functions is to help individuals find careers; not just any jobs, but jobs that fit perfectly and will help them achieve their career goals. They must be careers that maximize the chances of  success, … Continue reading

Kristin Cummins, Community Integration’s New Activities Coordinator

Kristin Cummins began as Community Integration’s Activities Coordinator in February. This is her first job since finishing her Master’s degree. Cummins moved to Columbia in the eighth grade. She likes it so much she keeps coming back. She attended college … Continue reading

ACT is Striving to Fulfill Its Mission Through Its Programs and Services

February 28, 2014

We often feature and acknowledge ACT’s programs individually. But many of the individuals ACT supports participate in more than one program. Barbi, Larry, and Abby each receive services from Community Living, Community Integration, and ACT Works. These three are a … Continue reading

Lenoir Woods Shows That Everyone Can Work…Successfully

Five years ago, ACT Career Services (ACS) began partnering with Lenoir Woods.  Since then, five people receiving services from ACS have been hired. All of them still work there! Lenoir Woods is a faith-inspired, mission-driven care facility for seniors. Its … Continue reading

Thank You Snow Shovelers!

February 21, 2014

At ACT, we have 4 dedicated men shoveling the way for our cars and feet to make it through the parking lot and into the building. John, Dennis, Davin and Billy have logged several hours making sure pedestrians at ACT’s … Continue reading

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