ACT Works Employees Medal in Regional Basketball Tournament

ACT Works is proud to acknowledge and congratulate five employees for their participation in the Special Olympics Central Area basketball tournament held January 5th at the MU Student Rec Complex in Columbia.

Michael S., Josh, and Michael C. each competed and received medals in the 5-on-5 team competition. Derrick and Robert competed and received medals for 3-on-3 team competition.

None of these athletes is on the same team. But they are co-workers every day at the ACT Works plastics recycling operations.

Michael S., Michael C., and Derrick

“You really have to be there to see just how thrilled the athletes are when they score, win, and advance to the next level,” said Paul Heywood, ACT Works staffer. “It’s so great to see individuals putting themselves out there, getting out in the community and participating like this,” he said.

Teams practice once each week, typically at the New Haven Elementary school in Columbia.

They’re preparing for the February 9 District Basketball tournament in Sedalia.

Teams that win at least one game can advance to the Regional Tournament in North Kansas City (March 16) or Wentzville (March 23).

Congratulations, men. We wish you good luck as you continue to compete.


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