ACT Community Living Staff, Larry Barnette & Larry Collins, Deployed

Not only do ACT staff support individuals in our community with disabilities, they bravely serve our entire country.

Earlier this year, two employees in the Community Living Program, Master Sergeant Larry Barnette (Army Reserve) and Specialist Larry Collins (Army National Guard) deployed overseas, leaving family and friends behind to serve Americans on foreign soil.


Master Sergeant Larry Barnette and his son

Master Sergeant Barnette has been an ACT employee for over 20 years. He is a program supervisor in Community Living, managing 3 homes. He is also a live-in supporting Joey, Perry, and Richard at one home. Larry has lived in that home for over 20 years. He left ACT in February for his training and deployed overseas in April. This is his 3rd deployment.

Specialist Larry Collins

Specialist Larry Collins has been an ACT employee for nearly 4 years. He supports 3 individuals, Chris, Ricky, and Patrick, in one of Community Living’s houses. Larry’s brother, David, is an individual we support in the Community Living Program. Larry left ACT in April and deployed in June. This is his first deployment.

These gentlemen are truly heroes in our midst. They sacrifice and risk personal safety and well-being for our benefit. Just like everyone else, they need our support.

We are proud to call them our friends and co-workers. And we hope for their quick and safe return.


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