The 2000s



Honor validates mission
The Missouri Governor’s Council on Disabilities presented ACT the 2000 Community Enhancement Award. The award, for the Affirmative Industry Program, now known as ACT Works, reflects ACT’s vision to make possible dignified employment a choice for every person.

New logo adopted
The logo symbolizes ACT’s partnership with every consumer and stakeholder. It is a partnership of support and assistance leading to new levels of enjoyment in life for each individual.



Registered nurse joins ACT
A registered nurse is hired to help oversee health issues for persons in the Community Living program.



ACT expands
The Community Integration day program begins renting space in the “Blue Building,” conveniently located across the street from the main facility.



CDS added to enhance employee training
ACT joins providers across Missouri to provide online training to direct service staff through the College of Direct Support



ACT expands
Community Living and ACT Career Services move to new office space at 2205 Burlington

Behavior Therapy program
ACT hires a Behavior Therapist to provide behavioral support for individuals in the community and those already receiving services from ACT.



Grant for new machines for ACT Works
A $50,000 EIERA grant is approved for the purchase of a VHS tape disassembly machine and a plastics granulation machine to be used to facilitate ACT’s recycling efforts.



Community Advantage program launches
This program, dedicated to providing meaningful interaction for seniors in the community, becomes an essential part of Community Integration.

ACT expands to 2207 Burlington
ACT Career Services opens in new office space at 2207 Burlington.


ACT’s new Training Center is inaugurated at 2207 Burlington.


Therap Services added
ACT begins using Therap for electronic documentation and communication.



Behavior Development
The Behavior Therapy program becomes Behavior Development Services.


2010 and Beyond