The 90s



ACT boosts business feedback
A Business Advisory Council is established to better know the needs of employers and employees working in the community as part of the ACT Career Services Program.

Home sweet home
ACT clients find their own apartments and homes through the new Community Living Program. It is the first individualized Community Living program in the state supported by the Medicaid Waiver.



Tape recycling business begins
Videocassette tapes fuel ACT’s ambitious goal to develop its own venture to employ individuals in the ACT Works Program. The idea finds immediate success from tape donors and purchasers throughout the country.



Hollywood teams with ACT
The nation discovered ACT and its videocassette recycling program. Hundreds of thousands of tapes became available as a result of a nationwide campaign by the entertainment and advertising industries. Known as Project Charlie, the effort involved the biggest media names in the country— from 20th Century Fox to Turner Broadcasting. A promotional video also was produced featuring Bob Saget, host of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
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Donations continue
Media attention and donations of videocassette tapes continue.



ACT recycles disks
America’s computer surge opens a niche for ACT to begin recycling hundreds of thousands of computer disks with help from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and local software giant, DATASTORM.

Services expand
Employment services now serve individuals beyond Boone County with the addition of Randolph County as an area of service.



ACT supplies GreenDisk
ACT’s recycled disks gain a national market through a new relationship with distributor GreenDisk, a manufacturer of high-quality recycled computer diskettes and related products.



Expansion continues
Cole County individuals now receive ACT employment services.



Thinking “Green” earns honor
ACT’s recycling program draws a top Achievement Award from the Missouri Waste Control Coalition.


ACT in the 2000s