43,000 Pounds of Recycled Plastics, A Drop in the Bucket and the Promise of Jobs

ACT Works just sold and delivered a 43,000-pound semi trailer load of shredded polycarbonate, polypropylene and polystyrene plastic recovered from our plastics recycling operation. Our employees recycle VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs and their cases every day. A major portion of this delivery consisted of plastics recovered from VHS tapes.

packaging ground plastic for shipping

Recycled plastics represent jobs and paychecks. Everyone here enjoys it when the people we serve pick up their paychecks on payday.

This 43,000-pound shipment is just a drop in the bucket compared to our potential to produce recycled plastics. A review and consultation by the Missouri Division of Labor Standards is now all that stands between us and a major overhaul in the way we do business.

ACT is the sole owner of a custom-built disassembly machine that efficiently punches out the five screws that hold together every single VHS cassette. We have approximately one million VHS tapes in storage ready to be processed to recover their plastic. The stream of unused VHS tapes is virtually limitless.

Once this disassembly machine comes on line, we will create jobs and opportunities for training. We’ll put more of the people we serve to work in mid-Missouri.

Removing VHS tape screws by hand is tedious and laborious. It must be done to separate the incompatible plastic varieties in each VHS tape. But it has been a bottleneck in the process that will soon be eliminated.

Unlike many automation opportunities, this one will create more jobs, rather than eliminate them.

We’re excited about the work that is done by our employees at ACT. Strattera

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